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Anger Reduction Seminar by

C. Devin Hastings

anger reduction seminar OUTLINE


"Anger is the poor man's self-esteem."



Anger:  Friend of Foe?  In this must-see seminar you will learn critical information that is little known to most people.  You will understand why some ‘anger management’ techniques are ultimately guaranteed to fail and why they sometimes produce the opposite effect! After being shown what doesn’t work, you will discover the interesting truth about what does help and how to apply your new knowledge to immediately help your clients.



*  Understand why managing anger is dangerous. 


*  Discover the hidden styles of anger.


*  Learn 3 incredible ‘Taming The Tiger’ Techniques that show you your client how to avoid grabbing the tiger by tail and getting bitten by the consequences.


*  Learn a powerful and effective technique to help your clients dramatically change their damaging emotional states within just a few minutes


*  Receive information packed handouts suitable for copying to give to your clients

showing them step by step how they can reduce their anger. 


*  Enjoy a short but powerful group demonstration of this amazing technique. 


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