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Assetiveness Seminar by

C. Devin Hastings



"Victim or victor?  What do you want?"



Instruction Hightlights:

What you are taking with you from this class:

*A new sense of control and inner power bringing to you a new of inner freedom and greater happiness!

This means you are:

*Gaining control in situations that used to feel out of control.

*Staying positive in situations that used to make you frustrated, sad or depressed.

*Forewarned is forearmed:  How to anticipate and prepare for situations where you may need to prepared to calmly and assertively stand up for yourself.

*Being free of stressors or expectations that you cannot influence.

*Making better choices thus enhancing your state of mind.

*Avoiding emotional burn-out.

You are also learning:

*What it means to be assertive vs. aggressive:

*Learn how to effectively respond to many different situations to people who react inappropriately to proper assertiveness.

*How to use 2 very powerful technologies to feel more secure within yourself.

 *How to use these tools on a daily basis in order to create lasting change.

 *How to become a better friend to yourself thereby strengthening yourself in fundamental and permanent ways.


After learning how to cultivate positive change and deep respect for yourself, you will discover how to achieve that same respect from others.

*Bonus information and discussion time permitting. 


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