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Books and Audio/Visual Programs by Devin

books, Cds and professional training programs by devin

Books by Devin

Devin is the author of 4 books that deal with anxiety, diabetes, OCD, and more:

Control Your Diabetes With Hypnosis - A book with clear, easy to use information that really helps diabetics.21st Century Medicine - A book documenting mind-body miracles

Anxiety, OCD and Hypnosis - A book that gives effective methods to reduce and eliminate anxiety and OCDNew Answers For Diabetes - A 2 day certification workshop that teaches people how to really help diabetics change.



Devin is also a co-author with Dr. Kevin Hogan of the textbook The New Hypnotherapy Handbook.




Professional Training Videos by Devin


NLP & Hypnosis, Volumes I & II  


Emergency Hypnosis: How To Successfully P.A.N.I.C.TM In Any Emergency Situation 


Past Lives and Safe Places: A Journey To Forbidden Lands 


The 10 Steps to Controlling Diabetes 


10 Success Secrets To Permanent Weight Loss 




Professional Audio Training Programs by Devin


The Diabetes/Weight Loss Instant Seminar Kit TM


Advanced Hypnosis & NLP Methods for Client Success


The Success Hypnosis Series for The Hypnotist


Diabetes, Depression and Hypnosis


Depression and Hypnosis - A ground breaking 6 CD set




Self-Help Audio Programs by Devin



Anxiety Reduction--2 CDs


Anger Reduction


Confidence and Motivation Boost with Self-Hypnosis


Daily Self-Hypnosis for Good Health


Dental Pain and Fear Reduction with Hypnosis


Energy Booster!


Exercise Motivation


Healing: Enhanced with Hypnosis


Memory Improvement


New Horizons for Depression Sufferers


NLP for Depression


Pain Reduction


Releasing Resentment


Sales Improvement


Sleep Better Using Hypnosis


Stop Smoking--2 CDs


Stress Reduction


Study Skills and Test Confidence (Mega Brain)


Wealth: Manifesting with Hypnosis


Weight Loss


What The Bleep Do You Want?


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