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C. Devin Hastings



International Speaker

Corporate Trainer

School President


"Speak well to yourself because your deep mind and your body are always listening."


As president of the Minnesota Institute of Advanced Communication Skills, Devin’s custom created, award winning seminars and workshops have been presented for the following organizations and others around the United States and overseas:

The Better Business Bureau


Florida Law Enforcement agencies


Open U

Moore Inspirations, San Antonio, TX.

Learning Annex

Seattle NGH Chapter

Knowledge Shop

National Karate

Colorado School of Hypnotherapy

NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists)

Hypnosis Education Association

Royal Berkshire College of Clinical Hypnosis

APHP (Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy)





Devin’s classes cover a wide variety of subjects that range from medical issues to turbo-charging sales results and he is easily able to provide one-hour seminars, keynotes and multi-day classes.


In addition to his own material, Devin is able to quickly absorb information and effectively present seminars on other subjects according to client needs.


As well as appearing on WESH TV Channel Two News in Orlando, Florida, Devin has also hosted two radio shows and does very well in a “creatively pressured” environment. 


His first radio show was The Hypnosis Hotline on WINZ radio in Orlando and his second show was Create Changes on Air America radio in Minnesota. 


To hire Devin as a keynote speaker or skills trainer, click here to contact him.


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